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Our Process and Pricing

What to expect:

  1. Make 10% down deposit to secure slot on schedule and sign basic contractor agreement
  1. Templating appointment (usually 1-2 hours) – Cabinets and farm sinks MUST be in place to do this!
  • Make 65% of total payment (checks preferred)
  • Countertops should be cleared
  • Any sinks and/or faucets requiring cutouts will be collected at this time
    • If using existing sink – up charges may apply (it is difficult to get a correct sink cutout without the physical sink at the shop)
  1. We will give you a rough estimate when countertop will be finished and ready for install. As the countertop progresses and everything is perfect, we will make an install appointment (Normally 48 hours in advance).
  1. Install day –
  • Have final payment ready
  • If plumbing needs connected/disconnected there will be additional charges
  • Clear off old countertops

If your countertop has seems we may need to return the next day to seal grout seems

Our pricing:

We offer simple straight forward pricing. Starting at $125+ a square foot for kitchen countertops 100% OUT THE DOOR! No extra charge for standard edges, style or color.*

Take your square footage x 125. There is your price (not including sales tax). Absolutely no surprise charges! (Prices start at $125/square foot, subject to increase depending on distance, location and difficultly.)

*Excluding white. Colors may vary from samples. Minimum project price $1000.00

Our estimate:

Granite estimate (for the same countertop):

estimate - granite

(Which one is more straightforward and easier to understand…?)