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Q:    What is the maintenance required for your countertops?

A:     There is very little maintenance, just keep them clean. We offer a cleaner/polish system used to keep your countertops looking new. Avoid cutting and putting hot pans on your countertop. Do not use abrasives such as comet or soft scrub.

Q:    Will your concrete countertops stain?

A:    It is not likely, only if something is left on counter for an extended period of time. We use a topical sealer that creates a barrier and does not allow anything to penetrate the concrete and stain.

Q:    Will your concrete countertops scratch?

A:    We use a sealer that is scratch resistant however it is not scratch proof.

Q:    How long until my countertops are installed?

A:    It takes approximately 30-45 days from template to install, depending on difficulty and/or current work load.

Q:    How strong are your countertops? Will they break or crack?

A:    We use Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, which makes it very strong. In fact, we believe our concrete is so strong we warranty all countertops.

Q:    Do you warranty your product?

A:    Absolutely. We warranty our products will not break or crack due to manufacturing defect for a period of 5 years for kitchen and bathrooms countertops, 1 year on all outdoor counters.

Q:    Is concrete poured in our home?

A:    No. All of our products are currently made in shop.

Q:   Is there anything I should avoid putting on my countertops?

A: Yes, you will want to avoid putting anything with ammonia on your countertops. Also no extreme heat or cutting.